Democrazia e Diritti Sociali (e-ISSN 2610-9166) is an international online scholarly journal of Philosophy of Law, gold open access and double-blind peer reviewed, founded and directed by Luigi Di Santo.
The journal is published by 
Edizioni Università di Cassino and it is an ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the Universities and Research Institutes) A-rated journal in the scientific Area 12.
The journal is indexed in several databases and directories.

The aim of Democrazia e Diritti Sociali is to promote a forum for scientific reflection on social rights in a period when economic liberalism has made them more and more challenging up to provoke the crisis of the Welfare State. Therefore, today it is more urgent to reflect on these issues by giving a closer look at concrete areas, such as family, work, participation, health, rather than insisting on equality, fraternity or solidarity that can be perceived as abstract concepts.
The title of the journal stems from the belief that democratic practices can be strengthened only through the protection and implementation of social rights, that appear increasingly weak and marginal today. The role of the jurist, both theoretical and practical, is likely to be definitely central. Only the social thought, secular and catholic, can widen the horizon of a political commitment at legislative level and set up the conditions for a new upsurge no longer to be postponed.
The discussion forum proposed by the journal is woolly open to any idea and perspective, with no exclusion. We firmly believe that every contribution is important to shed light in a world context marked by high social tensions where the signs of a regressive obscurity are progressively larger and more present on the democratic side.

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